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Shaping your goals together

A quick round-up of Success Together goal-shaping workshop by Nii Klotey-Quaye at our MAN TALK Men's breakfast 

In June and July, MAN TALK men's breakfast took a practical turn, with the men rolling up their sleeves and encouraging one another to shape their goals.

mens breakfast screengrabGoal Shaper Nii Klotey-Quaye of Drop a Jewel Network, delivered a two-part workshop for the men aimed at empowering them through facilitating goal sharing, knowledge-trading, and encouraging accountability partners. The men were challenged on topics such as the habits needed for success and what it takes to get out of your comfort zone.

"I had a strange sense of expectation at the start of the recent Micah Men's breakfast," said Micah member Milton Brown. "My excitement grew as we engaged in conversation and in encouragement - strengthening each other to meet our daily challenges.  

"I got to know people's hearts; their journeys, their dreams. I shared with them and supported them, even as they motivated me, as I prepared my next step.

"I came away from that meeting feeling that these men, many of whom were strangers to me earlier, are now my journeying companions. Probably not everyone there shares my faith - but we shared nonetheless."

Pierre Gowie added: "It was great being challenged by your peers on how you're going to reach your goals. There was a range of experience in the room and everyone gave a different spin on how you can get there. It was a bit of an eye-opener because when you're on your own you don't get the chance to challenge yourself n the same way."

We're taking a break in August, but will likely return in September. In the meantime, we want to make sure we're scratching where you're itching.
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