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    Our vision

    Micah is on the move. Our vision is to be a church on the move in the local community, and with
    a global reach.

    Our passion to equip and empower individuals and communities is strongly rooted in the truth
    of the Gospel: that God touches, transforms and turns around lives for good through the person
    of Jesus.

    There is no greater privilege than to witness and be part of this exciting process of
    transformation, seeing souls turn to Christ, lives made new and dreams birthed. This is why we
    are always looking for opportunities to reach out creatively, practically and spiritually to meet
    the needs of those in our communities and beyond.

    Giving to Micah

    We couldn’t hope to achieve this vision without the power of an extraordinary God and the
    commitment of ordinary people - people who give of themselves, their time and their finances.
    Giving is an act of worship that allows us to give back to God what He has given to us. It is an act
    of faith and an opportunity to put God first in our lives.

    We believe in the principle of tithing – giving the first ten per cent of your income. In Malachi
    3:10 (NLT), God says, "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my
    house. Test me in this," says the LORD Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of
    heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it."

    God pours out blessings on us so that we can bless others. We can never out give God!
    Start giving and watch what God does in and through you.

    Ways to give


    1.  Online banking

    If you’d like to set up a standing order direct with your bank you can do it via internet banking
    by logging on to your account and using the bank details below:

    Micah Account Number: 35202521
    Sort Code: 50-10-29
    Bank: NatWest

    2. By post

    You can also set it up by downloading the Standing Order form below.

    Download pdf 

    When completed please keep it and place it in the offering on Sunday or post it to the address

    Micah Christian Ministries
    8 Belmont Hill
    London SE13 5BD


    3. At services

    There are plenty of opportunities to give at our services. Simply fill in an envelope during the
    offering time and place your gift inside. You can either place cash or a cheque (payable to Micah)
    in the envelope, or put your credit or debit card details on the envelope with the specifed
    amount. Gift Aid enables us, as a non-profit organisation, to claim 25p for every pound you give.
    Please sign the form and fill in your details the first time you give.

    4. Legacy giving

    If you would like to leave a gift to Micah in your will it’s best to consult a solicitor to help you with
    this. There are different types of legacy gifts you can make, for example, a sum of money or part
    of your estate.

    If you decide to leave a gift to Micah in your will the main points to include are the name (Micah
    Christian Ministries), address and registered charity number (1084789).

    For further information contact us on 020 8297 5287.